Image Analysis System

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Image Quantification

Automated measurement

These measurements can be performed in PRODUCT:

Rough measurements

Fast and approximate measurements are performed using ocular scales. They act as a floating configurable ruler placed in a special layer overlapping the images. The user can simply move with the scales.

Manual measurements

In the image, you can manually measure quantities such as length, area, angle, taxonomy, number, radius, half-axis. The results are written in a simple statistical table, which can be exported to a file or clipboard. This data can also be displayed in the graph.

Automatic measurements

Automatic measurement is a very powerful tool for image analysis. In combination with macros is possible to use PRODUCT program as semi-or fully automated image analysis tool. Automated measurement is performed in two layers - binary and color - and we can distinguish two types of automated measurements: measurement of objects and fields.

Area measurements may be limited by measuring frame or by defined area of interest by user (ROI - Region Of Interest).

Automation procedure can be executed also by running a macro. NIS-Elements™ contains an easy macro editor for recording command sequences.

Object Classifier

Object Classifier Module enables to classify the objects according to selected features to different user-defined classes.

Results are displayed in a scattergram or can be exported to various destinations.

Regions of Interest (ROIs)

In laboratory experiments, users are often interested in only part of the picture. This interesting image area can be defined by one or more ROIs (Regions of Interest). When active, any analysis is performed just within the ROI(s). In case of time-lapse image sequences each ROI can be set either as "global" or as "variable in time".