Image Analysis System

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Measurements Across Time

Time Measurement

The Time Measurement Module enables to record average pixel intensities within defined region of interest during a time interval.

Intensity measurement on two ROIs in time

  • Measurement can be performed on Live camera signal or on a saved ND2 document.

  • Multiple regions of interest can be defined.

  • Data for each color channel can be measured separately.

  • Additional information (such as temperature) present in the metadata of the ND2 document can be displayed in a graph.

Object Tracking

This module brings possibilities to measure motion characteristics of moving objects such as living cells.

Velocity graph of a moving object

  • A single object, or a group of them can be defined to be tracked using a detection algorithm.

  • Measurement can be fully automated, or you can track each object manually.

  • Various indicators of the object movements such as current position, velocity, acceleration, etc. can be measured

  • Results of the tracking process can be visualized using several ways. The output is a table or a graph.

  • A kymograph which displays pixel intensities changes under a defined linear section or object over time can be generated.

Advanced Tracking

The Advanced Tracking Module has all the functionality of the Tracking module (see Tracking for more information).

Furthermore it adds following:

  • binary object tracking capability

  • track processing phase to the tracking process

  • statistics view

Binary object tracking is suited for tracking large number of objects (thousands of objects) where interactive editing is not practically possible.

Calcium and FRET

Calcium and FRET module adds several tools to the system:

  • Control window suited for capturing FRET images

  • Automated FRET calibration algorithm

  • Control window for creating FRET images from files

  • Calcium ion concentration measurement ability

FRET Pseudo-Color Image with Statistics