Advanced Research

It contains all the features of the package Basic Research plus:

  • Intuitive display of multidimensional datasets (slices, 3D, time, spectrum, etc.),

  • More than acquisition:

    • Photostimulation,

    • Incubation,

    • Real-time measurement (e.g.: FRET, Ca2 +)

  • Easy building of your own fully automatic JOBS tasks,

  • Simple graphical interface for creating your own nontrivial analyzes,

  • Auto-correction mechanisms and time optimization - conditional acquisition,

  • High-speed hardware-triggered acquisition,

  • Maximized life-time of the sample thanks to optimal exposure control,

  • Dedicated modules:

    • Single Particle Tracking,

    • Sperm Motility (CASA),

    • N-SIM,

    • N-STORM,

  • Wide hardware support of third-party manufacturers.

Wide hardware support