It offers the following functions for basic image analysis and serial documentation:

  • Easy camera control, hardware configuration presets

  • Automatic XY, Z control, including time lapse acquisition

  • Manual and automatic measurement, non-destructive image annotations

  • Extended depth of focus for accurate visualization of 3D data in 2D (EDF).

  • HDR for easy acquisition of high-contrast scenes

  • Optional custom macros

  • Simple GUI including an image manager

  • Data export to custom reports

  • A lot of extending modules - see Metrology Applications.

Wide hardware support

  • Stereomicroscopes and complete solutions for laboratories from the assortment of Nikon Corporation,

  • Universal stands for image acquisition of macro objects, Kaiser granite stands, Navitar lenses.

  • Motorized XY stages and Z Drives Prior, Marzhauser Wetzlar

  • Stabilized electronic sources of cool light.

  • Circular LED sources for bright field manufactured by Schott AG.

  • and others...